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Est. 2004

Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank is a small registered charity, entirely run by volunteers, who receive donations of non-perishable foods from the community and small businesses, to give free of charge to organisations working with vulnerable people in need of food.


Bradford Food Bank is non-denominational and is Bradford's original Food Bank, which has been operating since 2004. Please note, we are not connected to the Trussell Trust group of food banks.








Last update 11.05.19


In 2012 we gave out 3,586 food bags

In 2013 we gave out 7,843 food bags

       In 2014 we gave out 9,981 food bags

       In 2015 we gave out 10,249 food bags

       In 2016 we gave out 10,405 food bags

       In 2017 we gave out 11,183 food bags

       In 2018 we gave out 12,666 food bags





As of 2019 we are now regularly giving out more than 1,300 food parcels each month, which is having a huge impact on our resources.


We need the help of as many supporters as possible to help us keep up with this level of demand.

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Packing night

at the Food Bank



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