We are a multi-cultural organisation without a religious agenda. Our aim is to feed those of all faiths who are in need...


We depend on churches and schools, and individuals for our food and as a non denominational, and multi cultural organisation, we bridge many of the divides in the district, often receiving support, sometimes food and sometimes finance, from Muslim and Sikh groups, from mosques and temples.


As well as support to people who are homeless, much of our support is short term, for asylum seekers, migrant workers, young people, domestic violence victims, rehab clinics and families that have their benefit cut off for a week or two and are supported by social services, citizens advice, housing associations, childrens centres and doctors surgeries and the like.

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We are devastated to share with our supporters that our beloved co-founder and Treasurer Keith Thomson recently passed away in hospital after a short illness. Keith was the moral and ethical compass of the Food Bank, a true champion of promoting social justice and pivotal in making the Food Bank come alive and shaping its uniqueness as a charity.



He ably steered the Food Bank towards where its activities should be (grass roots activities, Bradfordians building bridges to help one another, gathering and getting free food to those in need) and where they shouldn’t be (paid staff, costly infrastructure, rent or fuel bills). He kept meticulous financial records, he acted as a robust astute gatekeeper of our resources and ensured they were used appropriately and carefully. He wrote brilliantly worded correspondence across the years, beautifully conveying pleasure and thanks to supporters or strongly advocating for the Food bank when issues or persons came to test us. He was a wonderful negotiator and resolver of conflict when it arose. He will be missed in so many ways and his knowledge skills and experience are irreplaceable as is his personality and friendship to us.