What We Do

We distribute food parcels to organisations working with vulnerable people in need of food.


We also distribute food to charitable organisations that serve free meals to vulnerable people.


We collect NON PERISHABLE food items from individuals, faiths groups, schools, small businesses and any other source that we can.


We are particularly keen to work with food manufacturers, shops and food distributors who may have stock, which is near or past its best before date. In this way we can prevent perfectly edible food from going into landfill.







How It Works ...



Organisations working with vulnerable people make contact with us to request food  for the people they know who need it


We can arrange food parcels for individuals (packed in a sturdy large carrier bag), or for families (packed in a small box)


We arrange for the organisation to collect the food from us (whenever possible; occasionally we can deliver)


We do not wish to have contact with those in need - it is not our intention to assess need, and we depend on the skill, commitment and ongoing support from the professional carers whose job it is to support the vulnerable. We make sure they can do this by supplying the food to keep them in contact with their clients and to help them overcome short term problems




If possible, we will arrange for donors to drop off items that they have collected.


With bulk donations we can arrange collection, if necessary.


We encourage faith and other groups to keep one of our Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank collection boxes at their meeting place to encourage a regular steady flow of donations.

common ground typical food bag

Items in a typical food bag